Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards (Reg. 169/03)

Comprehensive Analysis of Various Chemical Constituents and Suspended Particulates in Water

Testing under the Ontario Drinking Water Standards (Regulation 169/03) vs Potable Water Testing

Potable water testing is a broader concept focused on evaluating water suitability for human consumption, covering parameters such as microbiological contaminants, chemical pollutants, and physical characteristics. It encompasses a range of water sources, including tap water, well water, and bottled water, aiming to ensure that the water is safe and meets established health standards.

Water testing under the Ontario Drinking Water Standards specifically refers to the regulatory framework established by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to monitor and manage drinking water quality. This regulation sets out specific standards and requirements for the testing of drinking water to safeguard public health, emphasizing parameters like bacteriological quality, chemical composition, and disinfection by-products in accordance with provincial guidelines.

While potable water testing is a broader term applicable globally, water testing under the Ontario Drinking Water Standards is specific to the regulatory framework governing drinking water quality in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The Importance of Adhering to Regulation 169/03

In the province of Ontario, the Drinking-Water Quality Standards are governed by Regulation 169/03, a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at ensuring the provision of safe and clean drinking water to the residents.

Canadian water testing must prioritize precision and accuracy, and utilize state-of-the-art technology to evaluate various water quality indicators outlined in the Ontario Drinking-Water Quality Standards. From microbiological contaminants to chemical pollutants, our comprehensive testing services cover a wide spectrum, providing clients with detailed insights into the safety of their drinking water. Working with Canadian Water Compliance, clients can trust that their water quality is in line with the rigorous standards set by Regulation 169/03, promoting peace of mind and contributing to the overall well-being of communities in Ontario.

The ODWS is the gold standard for drinking water testing. Our water assessment ensures alignment with the ODWS, an accomplishment to proudly showcase.