Frequently asked questions

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Can you make us compliant with the latest Government of Canada water safety requirements, best practice and guidelines?
Yes. We are fully equipped to ensure your compliance with the latest Government of Canada water safety requirements, best practices, and guidelines through our comprehensive water testing services. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge technology and adheres to the most up-to-date protocols, guaranteeing that your water systems meet and exceed regulatory standards.
How much does water testing cost?
Our water testing services are tailored to meet various needs, and the cost depends on the specific tests required. Water testing can range from a couple hundred dollars, up to a few thousand, depending on the depth and number of testing need. For detailed pricing information, please call us for a personalized description, or simply submit a quote request online to get an emailed quote.

We offer budget friendly rates for all clients, as well as price reductions for recurring samplings needs, such as monthly Metals concentration testing or quarterly Legionella analysis.
Do you do well water testing?
Yes, we specialize in well water testing Ontario, well water testing Toronto, and well water testing throughout Canada. We take well water testing as many residences and businesses beyond the GTA depend on well water for their day to day living, operations and consumption. We understand the importance of regular well water testing, and offer these often neglected regions, budget friendly testing, as well as reduced pricing for monthly testing. Whether its for bacteria, E. Coli, Total Coliforms, heavy metals and metals in water testing, etc, we can do any and all, throughout all of Ontario. Ontario water testing is our specialty.
Can I see what your certification and reporting looks like?
How often do I need to conduct and perform Legionella Testing?
The Government of Canada has released a guideline for Legionella testing in their Public Works - How to Control Legionella in Mechanical Systems. This guidelines outlines that depending on the mechanical system in your property or building, testing can be required as frequency as monthly or bi weekly. Generally, the best practice according to this guideline, as well as BOMA standards, is monthly.

However, the general accepted minimum standard is quarterly.

For more information, visit our Legionella info page or see the below resources.

I am a property manager for a condominium complex and office tower, what do I need to know about water testing?
As outlined by the Government of Canada, in the MD15161, the guidelines for Legionella testing is typically monthly for most mechanical systems, with some exceptions being quarterly. Best practice dictates monthly Legionella testing in order to reasonably optimize safety for residents and tenants.

For general water quality testing, this depends on the building itself. In order buildings, to prolong the health of the plumbing infrastructure, regularly monthly testing can be conducted to sure the water is safe and not wearing the system. In buildings with well maintained systems, or new buildings, quarterly or semi annual testing could be appropriate.
Why can’t my water treatment contractor just do the Legionella testing? Why should I hire you instead of just using him?
We’re conflict of interest free. We have nothing else to sell you, except for our testing and Legionella-free-certification.
Are you accredited?
Our Lab is fully accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA-LAP) and the US-CDC ELITE program for Legionella analyses according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 11731 and ISO 11731-2 standards. This accreditation represents the single most comprehensive and widely recognized international credential in our field. With 10+ years of experience conducting qPCR analysis; and the first commercial laboratory in Canada to offer L. pnuemophila by qPCR over 7 years ago, you can be confident that your Legionella and qPCR samples are being analyzed by the leaders of the industry. In addition to our Lab’s position as Canada’s leader in laboratory analysis for Legionella, they are consulted by the government and trade associations during the drafting of new policies. In 2013, our lab was commissioned by the federal government to write the analytical component of Public Works and Government Service’s MD 15161 – 2013 “Control Of Legionella In Mechanical Systems Standard For Building Owners, Design Professionals, And Maintenance Personnel. This guidance document is now the gold-standard for buildings in Canada.