Navigating the Shift in Legionella Testing Trends: Implications for Businesses

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How This New Legionella Testing Trend Could Affect You

Legionella is a potentially fatal disease that infects people’s lungs. It gets contracted by breathing in tiny Legionella bacterium droplets from contaminated water systems. Symptoms include wheezing, similar to Pneumonia, which can turn deadly within a couple of days.

Therefore, the level of purity in the surrounding environment and the efficiency of mechanical systems have to get checked regularly to ensure people are kept safe.

Thankfully, there is increased awareness about Legionella testing, and people are asking for greater protection and compliance these days. It means more work for Legionella water testing and monitoring companies. However, there are not enough educated and accredited providers out there.

Therefore, companies sometimes ask their employees to monitor the situation, which results in things not getting done the right way, and owners being liable. While it costs money for the management of enterprises to get testing done professionally, it’s ultimately in their best interest to protect the people that are their #1 concern.

Take Action!

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