Navigating the Waters: The Rising Trend of Legionella Testing Post-COVID-19

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How This New Water Quality Trend Could Affect You

Due to COVID-19, many individuals, companies, and governments have become more aware of air and water contamination issues. Therefore, there has been a significant upswing in Legionella testing since the pandemic began.

The Builder Owners Management Association (BOMA) has also mandated that Legionella testing become a key requirement in all building systems. It’s a step in the right direction as Legionella testing creates a safer work and leisure environment.

However, many people do not know if their building has been tested as it falls under preventative maintenance. It means that individuals occupying rented properties cannot ensure that their domestic water supply is safe unless they inquire with their landlords.

So far, there has been a reluctance from tenants to insist that it happens as it may cause red tape and perhaps a rise in rental costs if owners decide to pass on the testing costs indirectly.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!
Even if you’re regularly testing and are clean, you may be exposed to risks in the future. For example, if your building is next to a contaminated site, it’s easy to get infected. As a result, people knowledgeable about Legionella testing must educate others and create social awareness about this sensitive subject.

Also, by encouraging Legionella testing to be added to a buildings’ maintenance programs, we can be sure that everyone is free from contamination, leading to a cleaner and healthier world. If what we said resonated with you, we hope that you share it with others.

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